Game reveiw (dragon age origins)

This review is about the game, Dragon Age origins.

My opinion of this game, is that it is very entertaining, and you’ll never get bored.

It is a challenge for people who are expirienced gamers.

Recomended for perfectionist gamers, and speed gamers. It is a real challenge, esspecially for the speed gamers.

The story line is about your choice of origin, there are 6 origins i favor the Dalish elf, theres also City elf, Human noble, Mage, Dwaf commoner and Dwarf noble.

The origin you choose affects the way characters respond to you in the game.

For example if you are an elf you get called knife ears by the people in Denirim.

book review (dragon moon)

This book is about a young dragon and his keeper. They travel on a perilous journey to find Kai a new home, away from humans and where dragons take refuge. But Ping and Kai run into some trouble Kai runs away being a stubburn teenage dragon, and to make it worse ping gets captured twice in a row. Will Ping fulfil her destiny or will she loose Kai forever!

Read to find out. I recomend this book to teens, possabliy to adults, but mainly to adventurous souls.

By Carol Wilkinson.

Told to you by cc!☻

give me back my pony

Lulu knows Snow white belongs to Rema Baxter, but Rema is horible and mean, and treats Snow white poorley, she dislikes horse saliva, and hates the jobs of looking after the pony. Pam and Anna know that Lulu and Snow white are meant to be with each other. Can the Pony Palz get Snow white and Lulu back together.

Pony In Trouble

Pam’s pony Lightnig is getting sick all the time, Pam’s father says that Lightning has colic. Has someone poisoned Lighting? Or is there poisonous plants in Lightnings paddock will Pam loose her pony to an illness?

Pam and her pony pals need to figure out whats wrong with lightning, or will Pam have to give up being a pony pal.

Pony For Keeps

Anna is struggling at school, She hates school. Anna’s teacher gives her more home work than the other students. Anna has trouble with reading and writing and if she doesnt get better grades her parents are going to take Acorn away!

Can Anna and her Pony Pals help Anna get better grades, or will Anna loose Acorn forever!

I Want A Pony

Lulu is new in wiggins, and wants a pony.When her next door nieghbour’s pony escapes from his paddock, and into Lulu’s grandmother’s garden, Lulu seems interested in being friends with the pony’s owner. But when Lulu follows the pony, and its owner she soon looses that disire. When Lulu goes exploring she finds a pony in danger can Lulu help?